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Woohoo. I live. One day, I swear I'll post more. Okay, maybe, probably not but I hold out lots of hope. Heh. I like the real world and it likes me. Hence, I'm not on LJ as much or ever anymore. I've had the hankerin' to be back and lots of nostalgia going on lately. Go figure, right? Rewatching Gravitation for the tenth time and reading old fanfiction will make you kind of want to follow paths you've walked before but in new, fun ways.

Hell, I might write again one year. There's a handful of folks who poke me now and again for writing. Believe it or not, Mitch - the wonderful other half, is one of them. He's crazy and biased. Anyway, a few things. Movie Update: The Amazing Spiderman is very good. It's not a remake but a reboot and ...features one of the best Stan Lee cameos ever in my opinion. Battleship sucks. Don't waste your money. Ummm.....Brave is awesome. If anyone's seen Abe Lincoln Vamp Hunter, lemme know how that one is? Oh. Book Update: Carrie Vaughn does a series about a werewolf named Kitty. It's brain candy. Good stuff.

And in final news, Lils and I are starting a new RPG together centered around spooky circus fun! The ad for it is under the LJ cut. We need any and all characters. Tis fun and love. I'm playing Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake series so far. Been tossing up the idea of poking my Sanzo muse from Saiyuki or maybe even something new. Who knows? Come on out and join the fun. Later, folks.

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Monthly DC is alive report...~_^

So, am I really an old fart for not getting the fascination with Facebook and Twitter? Am I that out of touch now that I don't give a flying rat's ass what every Tom, Dick, and Harry is doing with themselves every hour of every day? I mean, really. I care about some people but the vast majority just update crap. Pure, crap. Mitch has a Facebook and I just look at his with a snort. He doesn't get my fascination and love of livejournal either so I guess we're even. I mean, it's great that the world is connected and everything. It truly is. I'm not knocking that but sometimes I just feel I'm the old man on the top of the mountain railing at all this new-fangled-technology.

Eh, I don't feel old. I just feel like following the brain drippings of anyone who can type every ten seconds is a bit excessive. That's the extreme. Facebook and Twitter are good things in a way. It keeps people in touch over long distances and reunites families or friends after years of being apart. I just don't get the staying hours on the computer to play Farmville or some other stupid flash game. Really. I'm a reformed Everquest junkie and cult follower. I let the computer rule me and almost ruin what I had with Mitch at one point. Drained a good part of my checking account at the time.

I think what I'm trying to say is that letting the computer or a virtual world be the only world you live in isn't a healthy thing. Sometimes, it is your only sanity in a fucked up world. But, sometimes, you need to step outside and feel the breeze. Look at the people around you and remember that they are alive as more than words on a screen or thoughts on your phone. It's a knife edge to balance between connecting with the world around you in both virtual space and a three-dimensional living, breathing world.

There's the true danger with Facebook and Twitter and whatever comes along next. For all that we are massively connected to everyone, everywhere through technology, we are also apart from others and don't reach out to them except through our phones or games or various mediums. I don't know that there's an answer but it's just something that bugged me on this lazy Sunday morning. Thanks, folks.

(Plus, this keeps me from writing Transformers fiction that is poking at my brain and I am so ignoring. Nano starts soon and I want to figure out what I'm doing. I wills does it damnit spamnit.)

YAWWN....The bunnies, they eat my brains!

Today, Jade is with me. It's been a while since I've had him this loud. I still have another few muses growling at me but Jade is poking me. Okay, by poking I mean gnawing at my brain like a rabid bunny rabbit. :( But he's a cute flaming bunny.

Life's good. Um, been reading a lot of transformers fanfiction and a few books. Watching Transformers Prime and the live action Sailor Moon thing that is rotting my brain. :) Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Peace out.
Title: Twisted Spaces - Part 1
Rating: M
Fandom: Saiyuki (for this part anyway)
Warnings: Adult language, Adult situations, Unbetaed

Summary: Sanzo and company drink, eat, and snark. One serving wench realizes she's fallen very far down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki but Selena is mine. ~_^

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So yeah. It's been a while but this little rabbit was nibbling at my ankles. It's not bad and I want to continue it. I guess after so long I have to wonder if I am writing crap or good. Heh. Even DC's have their insecure days. (All the time it seems. Gah.)

Comments are love. ~_^ Opinions welcome.


Damn. It's too early to be up yet. Mrrrrrr. So, I am working on a master fic list for my journal. It's a hell of lot easier than trying to come up with an entire website. Lazy for the win! Welp, off to shower and beat something into submission so I can properly start the workday off. Huzzah.

Random Thought :)

Why is it I can never find anything I want to watch on the TV when I have lots of time but can find five or ten different things that look great when I have no time at all? Ah, Murphy, you bastard. Your law is sometimes the only constant in my life.


I love hamburgers grilled out. So tasty. Wheee. New goal. Post to journal. Heh. Yeah, I suck at it but it's a goal. :)

Going to see Cowboys and Aliens tomorrow. Hope it's good. Captain America was really good. Chris Evans makes one hell of a good Captain. Hope everyone is well. ~_^

Peace Out. For now.

Random Thoughts on Fiction and What Not.

So, is there ever a piece of fanfiction, poetry, or even that elusive novel that you almost finish but don't quite? I swear. I think we all have that one picture we didn't draw or couldn't get to come out quite like we wanted. We have that one muse that keeps gnawing at our ankles when we thought for certain it was eating the dust bunnies in the corners of our mind. It's strange to look back on a piece of fiction I started writing almost three years ago and think that maybe, maybe it's time to finish it.

Yeah, and the muse for it is a dramatic pain in my ass. I really don't think I'll ever outgrow some fandoms or the characters for them. My own muses in original fiction DCland still live. I want to write them but ...yeah, there's a but there and I don't feel like walking down that road tonight. Instead, I can honestly tell you this. Dust is the gravitation fiction that hurt me the most to write but I think it's the one I'm most proud of out of everything I've wrote in fanfiction land. Ryuichi and Hiroshi are a pairing that I never would have put together but I fell in love with them together by the end of that fic. It hurt. It made me bleed as a writer. I put a lot of time and energy into it. I finished the last chapter and thought...okay. I'm done. I'm not finishing this or doing a part two. Then, Ryuichi nudged and poked me for a sequel.

I wrote one chapter of it and ....well, then I just quit writing. And I mean quit for the longest. Real life tugged at me and yanked me away from the computer. Shit happens. A lot of shit happened in my job and personal life away from the box. Now, I've meandered my way back here and I find myself staring at Ashes with a yearning to finish it. I want to follow the white rabbit down the hole (or in this case Kumagoro) and see what wonderland is like now that I'm returning instead of fresh and new to it. :) I don't know that there are many people out there who want the sequel now or care if its finished. Three or four years is a damn long time in today's short attention span theater crowd but this one I'm finishing for me. I want to share it because...I have to know what happens and this is one story I can't let rest.

Saiyuki Ficcage, "Of Footwear and Bullets"

This is a much, much belated prompt response for lawless523 from way back in June. Sorry it took forever. -_- But here it is. At long, long, long, long last.

Title: Of Footwear and Bullets
Fandom: Saiyuki (Starring Gojyo and Sanzo)
Rating: OT
Warnings: Adult language, Adult Humor and Situations

Description: Gojyo and Sanzo have a quiet little discussion about their footwear.
A/N: I don't own Saiyuki or the characters therein. I just borrow them for fun and evil.

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Comments always welcome. Enjoy. ^-^

Ohgod...it's almost FRIDAY!

I'm so ready for it to be Friday. Yes, yes I am. I wonder if I spray painted myself blue and wonder white pants all day yelling that I was Horny Smurf if I might get fired.

Hm. Probably. Wheee. I so have a Saiyuki short fic to post and something about it is bugging me as not being good but I may just post it anyway. Wheeee! I am so random tonight. No caffeine to blame though. Sad.

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